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The Gesso valley is located in the Maritime Alps Natural Park and it’s simply marvelous. Its mountains are not only among the tallest of the Cuneo area but are also characterized by their steepness and their pure and wild environment. The deep lateral valleys, which lead to the main peaks, are connected with each other and in almost all of them there are huts and bivouacs; this important feature allows all ski mountainering lovers to choose among 100 different itineraries without having to descend to the valley’s lower side. Other than the one-day excurions, designed for those who have a good training level, we propose multiple-day excursions to reduce the physical effort level (long approaches and great differences in altitude) or simply to take advantage of the different round tours available in this area. Among the itineraries, not to be missed are: the Clapier, the Gelas, the Malinvern, the Argentera tour and the Ghiliè peak (it’s possible to ski on the north-facing rill till the beginning of the summer), Rocca la Paur, the Mount Matto, the Nodale Point traverse, the Detriti pass and the Caire Agnel peak.


From one-day to multiple-day programs , the Gesso valley is always a surprise… We meet up in Borgo San Dalmazzo (timetable to be defined depending on the season). Transfer to the valley and ski mountaineering excursion. Descent and return to the valley or in hut/bivouac depending on the schedule. The main point of support is the Valasco hut (the only hut that is run also in winter and spring), with heated rooms, good food and a warm firewood heated Jacuzzi where we can relax after the long ski excursions.

LEVEL from easy to hard depending on the itinerary agreed with the guide

PERIOD from December to April based on snow cover

 What do I need?

ARTVA, shovel, probe. Alpine skis (it’s possibile to hire them in an affiliated shop), climbing skins, ski boots, (harness, crampons, ice axe if necessary), ski poles, high altitudes suitable ski clothing (gore tex ski jacket and pants, gloves, helmet or ski cap, ski mask and sun glasses, winter coat and first layer). Sunscreen. Sandwiches, snacks and beverages.


The Gesso valley offers many opportunities for multiple-day tours: other than the classical (not managed) huts’ winter rooms, since some years ago it’s been possible to stay overnight in the Valasco hut. Old Royal Hunting House, now managed by Andrea Cismondi, the Valasco hut has become a strategical stop-over for skiers. From there it’s possible to go every morning to a different lateral valley; among the main itineraries we can find the Testa di Bresses, the Tablasses with its north-facing rill, the Testa del Claus, the Margiola pass and the Valcuca. At the end of the day we can not only taste high-quality food and fine wines but also relax in the firewood heated Jacuzzi.


– 1st day: We meet up in Borgo San Dalmazzo or directly in the valley (timetable to be agreed with the guide depending on the season). We ascend to the Valasco hut, have a coffee break during which we can unload our backpacks and then ski on one of the many possible itineraries. We go back to the hut and relax.

– 2nd day: We have breakfast and choose the excurision with the guide depending on the snow condition and the participants’ training level. We go back to the hut, have lunch, descend to the valley and return home.

– 3rd day and consequents: Possibility to do other day axcursions or multiple-day traverses.

Given the number of itineraries, ON REQUEST we can organize a “tailor-made” outing for your group: choose the dates and the number of days to go in this ski mountaineering paradise.

What is included:

– Day with Global Mountain Alpine Guide.

What in not included:

Rental of skimountaineering equipment

Transfer, lifts and any overnight stays (the overnight stay of the guide is to be understood by the participants)


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Customized dates for individuals and pre-established groups

Mximum 6 people

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