50 routes between mountaineering and sport climbing

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Stunning limestone in an awesome environment.

Imposing peak of the southern Cottian Alps, Rocca La Meja rises strongly from wide grasslands. The ridge, “border line” between the Maira and Stura valleys, is characterized by wide grasslands with ancient military marked routes: the Gardetta, Bandia and Margherita plateaus, at a constant altitude of 2,000 m, make an winding expanse of 20 km of pastures, interrupted only by small geographical features of crushed rocks, surrounded by lush grass. These uniform grasslands are dominated by the tall shape of the Rocca la Meja, which from its 2,831 meters of altitude dominates the entire surrounding area. Those who want to climb the Meja can now choose from 50 different itineraries of all kinds and difficulties, ranging from ridges and couloir to traditional routes with nails and friends – some of them also very demanding from a psychological point of view – till the modern ones equipped with bolts on the magic walls that this rock offers us.


Departure from the Global Mountain office in Cuneo or from Dronero; after a brief check of the individual equipment we will go by car to the Vallone dell’Arma (Departure from Borgo San Dalmazzo) or to Valle Maira (Departure from Dronero). Once near Rocca La Meja we will leave the car and go to the routes starting point crossing the wonderful grasslands of the Gardetta plateau (approach from 30 minutes to 1 hour). Depending on the chosen route, we will reach several limestone towers that can or not lead to the summit of Rocca La Meja. Descent by abseil or normal route. Return in the evening.


LEVEL According to the chosen route, route based on the level of the participants.

PERIOD Frome June to September

 What do I need?

Climbing gear: harness, helmet, climbing shoes, chalk, mountain boots, 20/30 liter backpack, sunglasses, sunscreen, gore-tex jacket and mountain clothing.

What is included:

– Day with Global Mountain Alpine Guide.

– Any specific equipment missing for the activity (harness, helmet, climbing shoes, rope, quickdraws, carabiners,…)

What in not included:



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Customized dates for individuals and pre-established groups

Maximum 2 people

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