The most beautiful ascent to the summit of the Re di Pietra

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The climb of the East Ridge of Monviso (3.841 mt) is one of the great classics of the Alps.

This attractive route allows to reach the summit alternating the climbing of cliffs and towers with small transfers. The maximum climbing difficulty of the classical route is the third grade, and the difference in altitude is about 1.000 meters. During the ascent we can make a variant that reaches the summit of the Saint Robert Tower and joins the classic route at about 3.600 meters. In this case the difficulties become more continuous and the climbing more aerial with some fourth grade pass.

From the Quintino Sella hut we will reach the Colle di Viso (2.650 m) and start climbing the scree at the base of the conoid located in the starting point. We will climb the conoid with crampons and axes, and reach the base of the ridge at 2.850 m. From there, climbing a series of cliffs, we will reach the base of the Torrione (tower) Saint Robert at approximately 3.400 meters. With a more continuous climb we will reach the fork point between the classic route and the tower. To climb the Saint Robert we will have to face a couple of steeper and more continuous rope lenghts, with steps up to the fourth grade. If you decide not to climb the tower, we will cross a channel on its left and reach the ridge at about 3.600 meters. From there the route to the summit becomes particularly fun with the climb of a series of small towers. The descent runs along the normal route. This is a climb of great satisfaction that requires a good physical training.


Day 1: Transfer by car to the Pian del Re and ascent to the Quintino Sella hut (difference in altitude 620 m, time 2 h and 30 min);

Day 2: Departure from the hut at 5.00 am, climbing to the summit by the east ridge (1.200 meters of altitude difference, 5/6 hours). Descent to the Rifugio Sella (4/5 hours) and return to the Pian del Re. Possibility to sleep a second night at the Rifugio Sella.

LEVEL Medium. The climb requires a good hiking training level and some basic notion of climbing on classic terrain.

PERIOD From July to September

What do I need?

Alpinism gear: Mountain boots, harness, helmet, crampons and ice axe according to the period. Mountain clothing: mountaineering pants, gore-tex jacket, gloves, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen.

What is included:

– Days with Global Mountain Alpine Guide.

– Any specific equipment missing for the activity (harness, helmet, crampons, ice-axe,…)

What in not included:

Transfer and overnight stay (the overnight stay of the guide is to be understood by the participants)


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Customized dates for individuals and pre-established groups

Maximum 2 people

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