An Occitan pearl to be discovered

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The Maira valley, one of the “wildest” places in the area of Cuneo, located in the southern-western side of Piedmont, starts in Dronero and strecthes out for more than 40 km westwards, towards the borderline with France. This “Occitan pearl” will not only surprise you for the beauty of its mountains but also for its likable environment, made of huts and inns that keep the Piedmontese tradition, with good food and fine wines, always alive. This destination is by now well known in whole Europe for skiing, with its countless itineraries suitable to all training levels, from 900 to 2.000 m of difference in altitude. The valley is accessible both in winter and spring and our guides will lead you through fantastic slopes, always looking for the best snow. Among all itineraries not be missed are: Bric Boscasso, Mount Cassorso, Cobre N rill, Mount Rastcias, Tete de la Frema and Mount Soutron.


From a one-day excursion to a multiple-day tour, once you’ve seen the valley you wouldn’t go away anymore…

We meet up in Borgo San Dalmazzo or directly in the Maira valley (timetable to be agreed with the guide depending on the season). Transfer and ski mountaineering excursion. Descent and return to the valley or hut/inn depending on the program decided. After the excursion we cannot miss a break in one of the typical restaurants of the area. In case of a multiple-day tour there are many stop-overs and in every accommodation facility, other than enjoying a warm and welcoming atmosphere, we can relax in a Spa, a jacuzzi and experience other post-excursion treats.

LEVEL from easy to hard depending on the itinerary agreed with the guide

PERIOD from December to April based on snow cover

 What do I need?

ARTVA, shovel, probe. Alpine skis (it’s possibile to hire them in an affiliated shop), climbing skins, ski boots, crampons, ice axe, ski poles, high altitudes suitable ski clothing (gore tex ski jacket and pants, gloves, helmet or ski cap, ski mask and sun glasses, winter coat and first layer). Sunscreen. Sandwiches, snacks and beverages.


The top-side of the Maira valley, a still pure paradise corner, will hit your hearts not only for the beauty of its mountains but also for the warm welcoming and the fine food. The Viviere hut, the School of Chiappera, the Ceaglio boarding house in Marmora are just some of the many huts from where we can directly leave for our excursion in the morning…

In the evening, after a day spent skiing, we will find a cosy environment in which we can relax and prepare for the next day.



– Day 1: We meet up in Borgo San Dalmazzo or directly in the valley (timetable to be agreed with the guide depending on the season). We climb to the hut, have a coffee break during which we can unload our backpacks and then ski on one of the many possible itineraries. We go back to the hut and relax.

– Day 2: We have breakfast and decide with the guide where to go skiing, taking into account the snow conditions and depending on the participants’ training level. We then return to the hut, have lunch, go down to the valley and go back home.


Since there are countless possible itineraries, we can organize a “customized” excursion upon request for your group: it’s then up to you to decide the dates and number of days to spend in this ski mountaineering paradise.

What is included:

– Day with Global Mountain Alpine Guide.

What in not included:

Rental of skimountaineering equipment

Transfer, lifts and any overnight stays (the overnight stay of the guide is to be understood by the participants)


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Customized dates for individuals and pre-established groups

Maximum 6 people

5 days with skis on the feet!

A week of intense sport to live in the marvellous high Maira valley!!

The program is developed in collaboration with INSITE TOURS.

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