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You have never climbed and would like to try? You have already climbed on artificial structures but would like to try climbing on the rock? Do you want to improve and correct the eventual technical mistakes you make?

The day on crag is open to everyone, no matter what the level is; the goal is first to learn basic techniques in complete safety and then discover unknown spots and movements that will help you to go farther in this magical world.


According to the period and the type of request (first day of climbing, refinement, special operations) you will choose the most suitable crag with the alpine guide of Global Mountain. Departure in the morning from our office in Cuneo to the chosen spot; approaching and climbing day. Return in the late afternoon.


LEVEL According to the chosen crag, route based on the level of the paticipants

PERIOD All the year

 What do I need?

Climbing gear: harness, helmet, climbing shoes, chalk, mountain boots, 20/30 liter backpack, sunglasses, sunscreen, gore-tex jacket and mountain clothing.

What is included:

– Day with Global Mountain Alpine Guide.

– Any specific equipment missing for the activity (harness, helmet, climbing shoes, rope, quickdraws, carabiners,…)

What in not included:



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Customized dates for individuals and pre-established groups

From 1 to 6 people

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