Dreamlike powder among immaculate slopes and  untouched larch woods

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Dreamvalley, Magic Wood, Canale della Pasticceria, Pendio Tony, Panettone, Incianao are only some of the names that the few local men repeat like mantras when they’re about to go there with their skis… they don’t choose those places at random but rather under hindsight, thanks to their experience and know-how, taking into account the highest safety, slope accessibility and best current  snow condition. Sometimes we reach the itineraries’ starting points on foot, others with climbing skins or on the snow tracks. Then there’s nothing left to do out there than betting a beer on who of us will steer less…Would you like to join us?


We can decide to spend a single day or experience several-day tours, since there are many itineraries among which we can choose…

We meet up early, at 7.30 a.m. in Borgo San Dalmazzo (or directly in Argentera’s main square at 8.30 a.m.), to make the most of our day. We will ski on the best Valle Stura ski area off the track slopes; according to the group training level we can also try some challenging itineraries in the nearby rills. We always carry food in our backpacks because we prefere not to stop; alternatively, we can have lunch in one of the ski area restaurants. The perfect stopover is the Osteria della Pace in Sambuco, where other than tasting delicious food we can also relax in a SPA center after the long ski days. So don’t lose time, just tell us how many days you’d like to spend in this freeride paradise!

LEVEL From easy to hard depending on the itinerary agreed with the guide

PERIOD from December to April based on snow cover

 What do I need?

ARTVA, shovel, probe and ABS backpack (possibility to rent an ABS backpack). Freeride skis (it’s possibile to hire them in an affiliated shop), climbing skins (not essential but reccomended) ski boots, ski poles, high altitudes suitable ski clothing (gore tex ski jacket and pants, gloves, helmet or ski cap, ski mask or sun glasses, winter coat and first layer). 

What is included:

– Day with Global Mountain Alpine Guide.

What in not included:

Rental of freeride equipment and ABS backpack

Transfer, lifts and any overnight stays (the overnight stay of the guide is to be understood by the participants)


+39 335.6726008 –


Customized dates for individuals and pre-established groups

Maximum 6 people

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