Day-tours, traverses, courses and stages.

“The cutting edge of skiing, the final goal of all snow lovers. Draw your own track, choose your own way along the untouched slopes to find unique itineraries, outside the usual descents.”

The snow season hasn’t come to an end yet but you’re already thinking of your next track? Or you’d like to discover the cool freeride world? Find out more about this magical activity, in a place where nature is the ruler and you’ll be continuosly looking for the first track. From the first steps to the perfection, you’ll not only discover new ski resorts with our guides but also improve your skiing  and safety techniques and learn the best practice of group behavior in that natural environment.

These are just some of our programs. Do not hesitate to contact us to build the freeride experience for your group together. Daily and multi-day tours, courses and workshops tailored to the needs of the group.

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