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Canyoning is sport & nature for the whole family, special programs for groups with children.



Here are some of our proposals, contact us to build together the most suitable and fun day for your group; there is also the possibility to organize multiple-day tours, combining other activities such as climbing or via ferrata



Canyoning in Val Roya. Extremely suggestive canyon that alternates jumps, slides and pools to swim in. The most interesting point is in a big cave, rich in tufa concretions, in which the torrent sinks to come out a few dozen meters downstream.

DIFFERENCE IN ALTITUDE 210 mt. – Duration 4 hours


PERIOD June – September




This canyon is for sport people and requires good physical training. Characterized by the most beautiful slides (toboggan) in the area. Despite the reduced water flow, Carleva provides fun and strong emotions especially at the beginning of the season. It takes about 2 hours to get to the canyon but once you are there you will easily forget the effort.

DIFFERENCE IN ALTITUDE 570 mt. – Duration 6 hours


PERIOD May – September




Easy, fun and aquatic canyon, suitable for kids too. The very adhering rock and the relatively warm and clear water allow you to make good jumps safely and slide into the toboggan. Difference in altitude  130 m, duration 3 hours.

DIFFERENCE IN ALTITUDE 130 mt. – Duration 3 hours


PERIOD May – September




Located near Savona, above the village of Lerca, it is a medium difficulty canyon that alternates fun jumps and slides to easy abseils, into a never too severe and cold environment. The canyon is dug into the green-blue serpentines typical of the area, making water even more transparent and the pools even more fascinating.

DIFFERENCE IN ALTITUDE 220 m – Duration 3 hours


PERIOD June – September




The canyon dug by Barbaria torrent sits between deep walls in a lush painting of flowers and vegetation. The waters are calm, with an intense green color that stands out between the white limestone. The proximity of the sea makes the environment warm and comfortable.

DIFFERENCE IN ALTITUDE 200 m – Duration 4 hours


PERIOD June – September




The longest Canyon in the region. Two days of descent, with bivouac “à la belle étoile”. Departure from the Balconi di Marta at 2.000 m of altitude and arrival at the gorgeous natural pools of the Gorge di Saorge. After a very technical and vertical first part, abseils up to 60m (first day), we will reach the wonderful corridors of the Bendola Mediane to be crossed swimming.

This canyon is recommended to lovers with previous experiences.

DIFFERENCE IN ALTITUDE 1500 mt. – Duration 2 days

LEVEL ****

PERIOD June – September


Going down along the canyon, we will discover the different facets of the plants, rocks and aquatic world, three elements that perfectly match with each other, creating light effects and pretty surreal sounds. You will spend a wonderful day in a natural aquatic park, where fun is guaranteed by PLUNGES, SLIDES and some ABSEIL. The location is the heart of the Maritime Alps: the nearby and sunny Valle Roya offers itineraries of every difficulty and length. For children, for adults looking for the first experience and for lovers who are never tired of emotions. Maglia, Morge, Bendola, Carleva, Barbaria and Fanghetto are just some of our proposals!

Due to the simplicity of this sport and the high summer temperatures, this discipline is especially suitable also to the younger ones. Moreover the neoprene mute guarantees floatation and warmth; all else is fun!

Minimum age 6 years old!



The price includes:

– Day in the canyon with the Global Mountain mountain guides

– EQUIPMENT provided by the organization: 5mm full-length mute, harness-tail-dissipator kit


LEVEL * / ** / ***/****(depends on the chosen route)

PERIOD from May to September, date on request

Canyoning is sport & nature for the whole family, special programs for groups with children





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